OHIO! Gunz! Child Fires Gun at Sam’s Club

DATELINE: Sam’s Club, Boardman, OH.

At 10:52 a.m. Saturday officers were dispatched to the store for the report of a juvenile who fired one round inside the building, with one or two employees struck.

The responding officers learned that a seven year-old boy got into his mother’s purse and grabbed his mom’s 9mm Ruger semi-auto handgun while she was “distracted”. The story is, that the the boy removed the safety and fired a round.

Employees were not directly struck by the round, and sustained minor welts. The child received a minor “slide bite” and tinnitus in his ear.

The mother has a valid carry concealed weapon license. She’s from Youngstown.

No charges have been filed yet. The Mahoning County Prosecutor’s office will decide what if anything to do.

Boardman is about 5 miles south of Youngstow.

The Vindicator

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