Breonna Taylor Grand Juror Speaks Out

The grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case was not given the chance to consider homicide charges, according to one grand juror’s statement on Tuesday.

The statement was released shortly after a Kentucky judge ruled the grand jury may speak publicly about the case presented by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

The grand juror said the jury was only presented with wanton endangerment charges against one officer, and a second juror said they were discussing next steps with counsel.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron followed up with his own statement, reiterating his confidence in the proceedings.

The Taylor family attorney Ben Crump says that the juror’s statement proves that the state of Kentucky took the decision out of the grand jury’s hands.

“The grand juror made it clear that jurors did not agree that certain actions by the police were justified and did not decide that wanton endangerment should be the only charges brought.”

“It is a despicable miscarriage of justice that is disrespectful to the life of Breonna Taylor that AG Cameron white washed what his office presented to the grand jury,” the statement added.

See the story at CNN and ABC News.

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