Last Call: 10-24-20

Goooooood evening, News Viewers and Happy Ten Days until the election. If you haven’t voted yet; please do so! PLEASE DO SO.

So, we had a discussion about posting videos and links to videos that I want to address a bit further. First, I want to begin with the fact we all enjoy an informative video that relates completely to the topic we’re discussing and…two people in the last few days did just that; that’s fine.

It’s the long, Youtube videos that are entertaining in a different setting, like a free chat thread, or videos that don’t relate to what we’re discussing that are problematic. Please post those types of videos on the free chat type threads but don’t carpet bomb the thread; let others take a turn.

What we much prefer on our threads are tweets. Tweets load easier; they’re shorter; they don’t bog down the website or fill up an entire computer screen. Regardless, it’s up to a moderator’s discretion on how he or she wants to handle the videos posted, the amount of them, etc…Please don’t argue with the moderator; just stop.

Links…a few of you, shel, Agita, Really, and a few others post links to articles and I appreciate them because they’re topics or breaking news that y’all want one of us to put up. But, the links to other websites….redirecting our traffic elsewhere… or directing others to view the Youtube video that you really, really want to post and I want you to refrain from doing so… isn’t happening; please stop.

And since we’re on the topic of videos and this is a free chat thread, I’m posting a song that I heard at the end of Joe Biden’s rally today that fits the theme of our upcoming election. Yes, please post MUSIC videos (if you want) that relate to how you feel or view about the upcoming election.

Enjoy the evening and the rest of the weekend. Stay safe and healthy, please!

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