‘Dr.’ Rand Paul suggests restaurants and cruise ships hire COVID-19 survivors because ‘they can’t get it again’

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During a campaign rally for GOP House candidate Nick Freitas in Virginia on Sunday, Senator Rand Paul, whose neighbor beat his ass, told the crowd that restaurants and cruise ships should hire COVID-19 survivors because they “can’t get it again.”

“I’ll say one thing about immunity: I’ve had it, I can’t get it again. I can’t give it to you, I can’t get it. If they would admit that there’s immunity, what could we do for our restaurants? If I owned a restaurant, I’d have a whole wing for senior citizens, or for anybody who is worried about getting sick, and I would say all my servers have already had it.

“If I had a cruise ship, I’d hire everybody… no exceptions, everybody would have had the infection that works on the boat. There’s all kinds of ways we can use immunity to our advantage but nobody’s admitting it.”

“They have the evidence of one person out of eight million people who they think had it twice… that sounds like the exception to the rule, not the rule,”

-‘Dr.’ Rand Paul


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