Calgary Police Video Shows Officer Throws Handcuffed Woman to the Floor Face First

In 2017 constable Alex Dunn arrested a black woman by the name Dalia Kafi. Dunn is now on trial for assault causing bodily harm.

The day of the arrest, Dunn brings Kafi inside the police station, and directs her to stand at a certain spot, which she does.

She stands on the spot, with her back against the wall. He then approaches her and attempts to remove a scarf from her head. She can be seen pulling away from the officer before she is thrown to the floor.

The officer in charge of arrest processing that day was Staff sergeant Gordon Macdonald, he testified as follows:

“There’s only one type of sound when somebody’s bone hits the floor and that’s what I heard. I advised him [Dunn] that it was the worst use of force that I had seen.”

Kafi was 26 years old at the time of her arrest and had been detained on suspicion of breaching a curfew. She required surgery for a broken nose and stitches for a split lip after the incident.



Macdonald said that when Kafi arrived, she was complaining about her arrest. He said she was belligerent though not threatening or aggressive.

Prosecutor Ryan Pollard asked the 30-year officer if he’d seen Kafi act in a way that would have justified Dunn’s reaction.  

“No,” said Macdonald. 


*Dunn was originally suspended with pay for a year, but is now working in an administrative role.

I believe that is officer Macdonald that approaches after the slam, he directs Dunn to get away.

WARNING: Disturbing Video

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