Liveblog - Afternoon Flurry: Headlines you may have missed-10/30/20

Okay, here we go on another Friday Afternoon NEWS DUMP:

  • Why haven’t respected outlets like NBC NEWS  covered the Hunter Biden laptop propaganda?  Despite Trump’s pathetic whining about this subject, his campaign refuses to allow legit media to see the documents they say prove their case…though WSJ and the Fox News news desk saw the documents and rejected the story.
  • GOP Election Hijinks:  Officials in at least 7 counties in Pennsylvania have announced they will delay counting mail in ballots until late election night or after election day.  This will further delay and confuse election results in that state.
  • The big, fat, orange Crybaby in Chief is still telling his redcap klan rally crowds that Doctors are making up Covid deaths, with claims that doctors make more money when they attribute a patient death to covid.  This is how he treats the first responders who have been busting their asses for America since this thing started, the same ones who saved HIM when he caught Covid.
  • A Good Day for Florida Man!  A Florida man cleaned his house and found a 1 million dollar lottery ticket.  He had bought it weeks ago and had forgotten about it before he scratched it.  Don’t spend it all in one place!

Headlines compiled by, 22SnakePlissken5150.

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