Jerry Falwell Jr. Sues Liberty University for Defamation

Says He Did Not Participate in or Enjoy Being Cuckolded!

Former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. filed a state lawsuit Wednesday against the evangelical school founded by his father, claiming he was wrongly ousted from his leadership post.

Falwell had led the school for 13 years before he resigned under pressure in late August amid a series of embarrassing scandals, culminating with him posting to Instagram a photo of himself on his yacht with a woman who was not his wife and with his pants unzipped.

“Mr. Falwell has suffered damage to his reputation, damage to his profession, humiliation, and anguish; lost business opportunities; and suffered other pecuniary damage,” according to the plaintiff’s complaint. NBC News

In the suit, Falwell says his downfall was cooked up by operatives at the Lincoln Project, a political group dedicated to defeating Trump in the November presidential election. Falwell Jr. has been one of Trump’s most loyal evangelical backers.

The Lincoln Project denied a connection to the allegations. “The Lincoln Project has had nothing to do with the public finally learning about the true character of the Falwell family,” the group said in a statement.

Giancarlo Granda, the man at center of the affair allegations, also denied Falwell’s assertion.

Granada said there is no connection to the Lincoln Project. CNN

Enter the Pool Boy

Jr With Wife Becky

“At first, Granda impressed the Falwells with his entrepreneurial attitude and ambition, and the Falwells befriended him,” the filing notes. “Unbeknownst to Mr. Falwell, on rare occasions between 2012 and 2014, Mr. Granda and Mrs. Falwell engaged in an affair.”

The complaint goes on to note that Falwell was “heartbroken” when he learned about the cheating but ultimately forgave his wife and the couple attempted to move on. Granda, however, “was bent on continually threatening the Falwells and exploiting the affair to his financial advantage,” the lawsuit alleges. Law & Order

Giancarlo Granda says his sexual relationship with the Falwells began when he was 20. He says he had sex with Becki Falwell while Jerry Falwell Jr, head of Liberty University and a staunch supporter of President Trump, looked on. Reuters

“Other than God and my family, there is nothing in the world I love more than Liberty University,” said Jerry Falwell, Jr. “I am saddened that University officials, with whom I have shared so much success and enjoyed such positive relationships, jumped to conclusions about the claims made against my character, failed to properly investigate them, and then damaged my reputation following my forced resignation. While I have nothing but love and appreciation for the Liberty community, and I had hoped to avoid litigation, I must take the necessary steps to restore my reputation and hopefully help repair the damage to the Liberty University brand in the process,” he concluded. – Jerry Falwell Jr. Cision

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