Lindsey Graham spouts off sexist nonsense

“I want every young woman to know there’s a place for you in America if you are pro-life, if you embrace your religion, and you follow traditional family structure. That you can go anywhere, young lady,” he added.

Speaking at a campaign event in Conway, South Carolina, the Republican incumbent praised Barrett, who was recently confirmed to the Supreme Court, and offered some advice to young women.

“You know what I like about Judge Barrett? She’s got everything,” the senator said. “She’s not just wicked smart, she’s incredibly good. She embraces her faith.”

Graham’s remarks came just weeks after he faced criticism earlier this month for saying that African Americans and immigrants can “go anywhere” in South Carolina but they “need to be conservative.” The Republican made the comment during a chat with his Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison, the first African American to serve as chair for the South Carolina Democratic Party.


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