Suspect Who Plotted to Kidnap Gov Whitmer Over Strict Lockdowns Wants Out of Jail Because He Fears COVID

Franks is the taller of the two standing in front of Governor Whitmer’s door

Kaleb Franks of Waterford, a recovering heroin addict who says he has turned his life around after doing time for cocaine and home invasion, has diabetes and high cholesterol, takes insulin daily and fears contracting COVID-19 in jail, his lawyer argued in court documents filed this week.

The filing shed more light on the life of the 26-year-old defendant known as ‘Red Hot,’ who maintains that he can be trusted not to flee and that he is not a threat to society, despite the judge concluding on Oct. 13 that “he remains a danger to the community.”

According to testimony and court records, Franks was part of the surveillance operation outside Whitmer’s cottage and was one of five suspects who drove to a meeting hoping to buy explosives and tactical gear, only to get arrested in what turned out to be a setup by the FBI. 

Detroit Free Press

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