Moscow Mitch: In or Out? Kentucky U.S. Senate Election results Updated during Election Day

Longtime Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell looks to hold off Democratic challenger Amy McGrath and Libertarian Brad Barron.

McConnell has been taking victory laps after Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court, tilting it to a 6-3 conservative majority. 

McGrath has been hammering McConnell on the federal response to the coronavirus, claiming that he could have done more to help Kentuckians during the pandemic. 

Who is Mitch McConnell?

  • Mitch McConnell was first elected in 1984. He made history then as the only Republican challenger in the country to beat an incumbent Democrat. 
  • He was also the first Republican to win a statewide race since 1968. 
  • The 78-year-old is the second Kentuckian to hold the post of Senate Majority Leader. 
  • He was elected to the position in 2014, 2016 and 2018. 
  • McConnell is the longest-serving Senate Republican Leader.
  • He was elected to a record sixth term in 2014, capturing 110 of 120 Kentucky counties. 

Who is Amy McGrath?

  • Has served 20 years in the Marines
  • Completed two combat deployments, also flew 89 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Became the fist woman in the Marine Corps to fly a combat mission in an F/A-18 in 2002. Two years later, she became an F/A-18 pilot.
  • Completed her last deployment in Afghanistan in 2010.
  • Served as a Congressional Fellow, advising a senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee on defense and foreign policy
  • Holds a master’s degree in global security from John Hopkins University; also a graduate of the Center for Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction’s Program for Emerging Leaders at the National Defense University

Who is Brad Barron?

  • The regenerative farmer and businessman said he believes in the rights of the individual and the government should protect that, according to his campaign website.
  • Barron said Kentuckians need someone who understands how to get to the core of the issues and fix them and believes this is the reason why many are frustrated with Republicans and Democrats.
  • He is married with three children and lives on a farm in Warren County, Kentucky.

What time do polls close in Kentucky?

Polls close at 6 p.m., however, if you are a voter still in line when polls close you are still eligible to vote.

When will Kentucky’s election results be announced?

Kentucky should know the outcome of some races on Election Night. Kentucky has to count thousands of absentee or mail-in ballots beginning at 8 a.m. on Election Day. 

Source: WHAS Louisville and ABC (election guide)