The election isn’t only about Donnie, it’s about the entire trashy Trump clan

 In the final stretch of the election, the Trump clan has been on a mission to save this iteration of the family venture: cultural warriors, GOP takeover artists, and, perhaps, a budding political dynasty. In a frenzied tour across battleground states, Trump’s family members are making a personal pitch to voters that it’s not just their father who should stay in power, it’s them as well.

If Trump pulls off another upset win, it will cement his family’s standing in American society. The Trumps will set the cultural and political dialogue for the better part of a decade. They’ll continue to elbow their way through the halls of Washington and the GOP. They might run for office.

But if Trump loses, a family brand built on “winning” will be dealt an embarrassing defeat after years of successfully side-stepping creditors, bankruptcies and cultural comeuppance. Republicans might turn on the Trumps. MAGA politics may fade. And the Trumps likely can’t retreat back into the glitzy world of New York galas. Nor do they want to. Instead, they’ll try to do what they always do, according to over a dozen current and former senior administration officials and close associates of the Trump family: Keep the Trump brand alive. Expand the family business. Export it when possible.