COVID 19 UPDATES: 11 / 6 / 2020

Trump’s broken Murrica broke more COVID records yesterday.  [cue golf clap]


On Thursday, 11/5/2020 (GMT), America gained:

  • 118,319 new COVID cases
  • 1,127 new COVID deaths

America now has had 9,919,637 total proven Covid cases and 240,955 known Covid deaths.


America’s current positive test rate is 7.2% and the rate is not just climbing, it’s rate of climb is accelerating.  It is now growing by 0.2% per day.  Around 30 days ago the rate was 4.0%.  At this rate, by next week we will be exceeding the positive test rate highs from the July-August surge.  14 states plus DC have a positive rate of 5% or less, while 22 states now have a positive rate of 10% or higher.  The worst five are as follows:

  1. South Dakota  52.2%
  2. Iowa  42.0%
  3. Idaho  37.4%
  4. Wyoming  33.2%
  5. Kansas  33.2%

26 states plus DC performed more testing than last week, and 4 states performed less testing, the rest performed roughly the same number of tests as the prior week


  • Hospitalized  53,322
  • Newly Hospitalized  3,735
  • In ICU  10,583
  • On Ventilators  2,877

Data compiled by, 22SnakePlissken5150.