Biden advisor says the US-UK ‘special relationship’ may not matter any more because of Brexit

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A foreign policy advisor to President-elect Joe Biden has said that Britain’s declining influence in the world, caused by Brexit, meant that the US’ relationship with the UK might not “matter that much” once Biden is in the White House.

Now Charles Kupchan, an informal foreign policy advisor to the Biden campaign who previously served in the Clinton and Obama administrations , told the UK’s Times Radio that while he’s “confident there will be a special relationship” between the US and United Kingdom, he didn’t know whether “that special relationship will take the form of anything more than a comfortable old friendship that doesn’t really produce much in terms of cooperation.”

“The United Kingdom alone does not cut a large figure on the international landscape, and as a consequence I do worry that, moving forward, whether the issue is Ukraine, Iran, or China, or Russia, the UK, is going to have to figure out how to make itself relevant at a time when it is very inwardly focused.


Business Insider reported on Saturday that Biden’s team is wary of Johnson due to his closeness with Trump and his 2016 remark about Obama’s “part-Kenyan” heritage.

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