Post failed presidency, Trump wants to start a digital media company to ‘wreck’ Fox ‘News’

According to Axios, Trump wants to start a digital media company not only to compete with Fox ‘News’ but to ‘wreck’ the ‘news’ network

The state of play: Some Trump advisers think Fox News made a mistake with an early call (seconded by AP) of President-elect Biden’s win in Arizona. That enraged Trump, and gave him something tangible to use in his attacks on the network.

  • “He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it,” said a source with detailed knowledge of Trump’s intentions.

Trump’s intentions:

  • Trump wants a digital media channel that would stream online because traditional cable network channels take too much money and time to get started and Trump is broke.
  • Trump would charge his MAGAt cult on a monthly basis to watch the Fake News channel.
  • He will use his bigly email and cellphone database to spam The Cult to get them to pony up the fees to watch his nonsense. More than likely, they will.
  • Axios’ source claims Trump will spend a lot of time on his bigly channel slamming Fox.

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