It’s 5:00 Somewhere

It’s 5:00 somewhere this Friday the 13th, and we’re 67 days away from Inauguration Day.

Do you have your champagne ready?

Unfortunately, we still have 67 days to survive until we can celebrate our freedom from the 45th POTUS* and the Trump administration. We should pass our time trying to decide who we will miss the most when they are exterminated from the People’s House, like into a Trump Hotel roach motel.

Of course, we all need to hang in there together and avoid the silent enemy (as opposed to the foul, vile, noisy one) which is invading every dark corner of our country.

Our fearless leader and IT guru forkless has given us another gadget to track the level of pandemic stupidity in America, in an attempt to help keep us safe for the next 67 days and beyond.

You’ll find a menu at the top of our home page titled COVID-19 TOOLS, and in a drop-down sub-menu you’ll see EVENT RISK ASSESSMENT PLANNING TOOL. This is an interactive map, a peer-reviewed resource that you can follow county by county across the US, to gauge your level of risk of exposure to the virus on a sliding scale according to event group size. Take a minute to check it out.

And then, trust me — when you look at your risk of getting sick by being “amongst them English” — you’ll be happy to join me in a drink at home!

Enjoy your chat time, I encourage you to play us your favorite tunes! While the song below is far from my favorite, it seems to fit the coming times of raging virus and looming lockdowns.

Cheers to my News Views friends! All in all, it’s been a good Friday the 13th — another Friday closer to President Biden in office and closer to putting this pandemic in our rearview mirror!