November 14, 2020: Cleanup on aisle 45

Goooood evening, News Viewers. We didn’t feature a Last Call thread last week because we were all too busy celebrating the FACT! (for those in Wing Nut world that don’t grasp them) that Joe Biden will become our nation’s 46th president in 67 days! Damn, he has a big mess to cleanup.

Anyway, I want to address a few matters. Now that we think we may have resolved the posting Youtube videos issue, feel free to post them again with a few exceptions:

  • No videos on Live Discussions or Live Blogs because those threads generate numerous comments and the videos just slow stuff down. We will delete any videos on those types of threads.
  • No over the top, long ass videos. This isn’t Netflix or On Demand.
  • Please post videos related to the topic, not just something you think someone might find interesting. Odds are they just get ignored.
  • More importantly, don’t carpet bomb the thread with numerous videos, please. Post them sparingly.

News Views has existed for over a year now and I have never had to address bringing drama from shitholes to our website, at least that I can recall. Unfortunately, I had to last week, which resulted in banning the person. If you visit websites that specialize in endless arguments or that dox people, fling poop at one another, etc…great, that’s your business. Just don’t bring that drama here; we don’t want it nor will we tolerate it.

Notice: I never said anything about sharing absurdities, Alt-Facts, Fake News,etc.. you might have read on Wing Nut, Fake News sites; we should all be aware of the garbage and nonsense Wing Nut World passes off as truth. Just don’t post links to Fake News sites because we do not need to promote them. Hopefully, they’ll fade away soon but unfortunately, they won’t.

Having said all that, enjoy the rest of the weekend; stay safe and healthy…and..MASK UP!

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