Thousands of maskless MAGAts march through D.C. falsely claiming Trump won the election

Sorry to burst your delusional bubble, MAGATS, but Trump lost the election. He will go down in history as a one term president and impeached for life. ‘You lost. Get over it.’

Trump’s supporters had celebrated for hours, waving their “MAGA” flags and blaring “God Bless the USA” as they gathered in Washington Saturday to falsely claim that the election had been stolen from the man they adore. The crowd had even reveled in a personal visit from Trump, who passed by in his motorcade, smiling and waving.

At the 43 second mark: REJOICE, CULT!

But that was before the people who oppose their hero showed up, and the mood grew tenser, as 300 or so counter protesters delivered a message the president’s most ardent backers were unwilling to hear: The election is over. Trump lost.

There were brief but intense clashes. People spewed profanity and shouted threats, threw punches and launched bottles.

They were urged on by Trump, who refuses to concede or allow a formal transition to President-elect Joe Biden to begin. On Saturday morning, as his devotees remained in D.C. to fight for him, the president headed to Trump National in the Virginia suburbs for a round of golf.

The Washington Post:

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