Talko Tuesday: What Thanksgiving dinner table?

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, which is my favorite holiday, BTW, I keep seeing commercials or ads that feature these well appointed table settings for like twenty or more guests. Uh, note to Corporate America: That’s so 2019.

Didn’t you get the memo that none of us should have large (or even small) gatherings this holiday season? Or are you all as mentally challenged as the average MAGAt? Just my pet peeve at the moment.

But on a more serious, I hope everyone is doing your best to stay safe and healthy. Yes, the holidays will be quite different this year but, the entire year has been so different for all of us. Just don’t even be tempted to have a ton of relatives and/or friends over this year; it’s not worth someone getting very ill or dying.

And on that Debbie Downer note, have some VIRTUAL fun. 🍁 🍁 🍁

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