GSA Administrator Emily Murphy Mad She’s Getting Pressure to do her job.

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The government bureaucrat holding up the peaceful transfer of presidential power refuses to explain herself.

Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy is the Trump appointee who heads up the General Services Administration and is therefore in charge of “ascertaining” the apparent winner of the presidential election so that the incoming administration can access resources and information critical to all the basic nuts-and-bolts running of the federal government. The public doesn’t know much about what she’s thinking.

.”Murphy herself has remained stubbornly mum. She may soon be forced to speak, as House Democrats yesterday demanded that she brief them on what exactly she’s doing. The letter read, in part: 

“White House officials claim they are not pressing you to block the ascertainment determination and that you have made this determination entirely on your own. […] If this is accurate, it is critical that you now follow the law and make the ascertainment designation without any further delay.”

..Source: Vice. and Washington Post