Last Call: November 21, 2020-Drag the Orange Squatter out of the White House

Gooooood evening, News Viewers. We witnessed a very crazy week that featured a ton of ridiculous and kicked to the curb lawsuits, the current ‘president’ losing a once reliable Red State TWICE, a once somewhat, rational guy give a press briefing with hair dye running down his face, and a bunch of wing nuts that will be in for a very disappointing reality come January 20, 2021.

Get over it. You lost. It’s time to face reality for once in your deplorable lives.

Speaking of Deplorables. Where anyone frequents or posts comments is his or her own business but be very aware of the RW Shitholes that use Disqus as their commenting platform; I would hate to see your personal information compromised…seriously. Gleaning your personal information is a great way ‘to own a lib.’ Furthermore, why would anyone want to argue with a bunch of irrational, fact free MAGAts? However, it’s quite amusing reading their nonsense and laughing hysterically at it.

I used to have two rules in life when it came to arguing with someone. I don’t argue with someone who is drunk nor do I argue with crazy people. Over the past few years, I’ve added MAGAts to the list, which are pretty much a combination of the two: drunk and crazy. It’s not worth it; you won’t change them. Plus, they refuse to face facts and are intellectually lazy.

Having said that, enjoy the rest of the weekend. Stay safe and healthy and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…DON’T even think about getting together with friends and/or family this holiday season. PLEASE! Save lives, including your own and don’t buy into Dotard and the Deplorables ‘herd mentality’ (immunity) bullshit; it kills people and we already have enough dead people in this country from the Trumpvirus.

Who should be the next senator from California?

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