Happy Thanksgiving!

Yep, that fourth Thursday in November is upon us. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Please stay safe and stay home or with those in your regular orbit.

In the old days, I would be up to ears preparing food for dozens of people; we had about forty people last year, not at one time, but…yeah, people in and out all day.

My Striped Shithead (Athena/Baby/Cat) is slightly over a year old but she joined our family last Thanksgiving; she was 3.5 months at the time. Some asswipe dumped her off. Fine their loss, our gain. Tonight, she decided to celebrate the eve (actually, we found her the night before Thanksgiving) of our anniversary by knocking over a bottle of wine and spilling out half of it.

“That what she do!”

She knocks stuff over…all…the…time, including the squirt bottle I use on her striped ass for knocking stuff over all…the….time.

Although I don’t get to see my extended family and friends this year, I’m thankful we’re all healthy and safe, thus far. I’m thankful that all of us, you guys, are doing your best to keep yourselves healthy and safe and your loved ones by not being with them this year.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the day.

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