Florida Man Loses His Pants at Wawa in Late Night Brawl

When two Florida men brawled during a comically absurd 2 a.m. melee at a Florida Wawa store, Darien Rollins was there to provide hilarious commentary and attempts at mediation. Now he explains the even more absurd reason for the fracas.

Rollins posted the unbelievable video to Twitter on Monday, which featured two men in a desperate and dignity-free struggle to beat each other senseless, while maintaining a minimal level of pantsedness. All the while, Rollins delivers gut-busting commentary and game attempts to quell the disturbance.


Lauderhill Police did respond to the altercation, and both men declined to press charges.

As for Wawa, they simply asked that the men not return.

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Warning: the video features extended partial nudity (major butt crack) and graphic shots of one dude whaling on the other dude’s naked crotch, to little apparent effect.

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