COVID 19 UPDATES: 12 / 1 / 2020

As a leaderless America lurches into a December that may see 50,000 deaths by the middle of the month, we close the book on a November that saw us gain over 4 million new cases, which was more than the total 2020 cases for all other nations except India and Brazil.

WORLDOMETER stats for Monday:

  • +161,736 new cases 
  • +1,238 new deaths

Expect Tuesday-Saturday numbers to be around 200k cases / 2,000 deaths / day.

JOHNS HOPKINS stats for Monday:

America’s positive test rate, 7 day average is now 9.7% and climbing.  Six states, plus DC, have a rate of 5% or less, while 29 states have a rate of 10% or higher.  States with the highest confirmed cases per 1,000 people are Rhode Island, Connecticut, Kansas, Tennessee, and Wyoming.


  • Hospitalizations:  96,039  (new record)
  • In ICU Ward:  18,545  (new record)
  • On Ventilator:  6,520  (550 below record set May 7th)

Data compiled by, 22SnakePlissken5150.