MAGAts file articles of impeachment against Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine

Several state representative have filed twelve articles of impeachment against Gov. DeWine over his coronavirus response, claiming the governor used his “abuse of executive power.”

Republican state representative John Becker, of Clermont County, led the effort and he was joined in the filing by Republican representatives Candice Keller of Middletown, Paul Zeltwanger of Mason and Nino Vitale of Urbana.  

Obviously, the articles of impeachment stem from DeWine’s handling of the Coronavirus that numerous Ohionans still don’t grasp that it’s real and can kill you.

  • DeWine’s abuse of power includes meddling in the conduct of the presidential election, closing and placing curfews on certain businesses.
  • Ohioans find the mask mandate offensive and insulting while saying there is evidence masks can be a health hazard. (There isn’t).
  • In a press release, MAGAt John Becker said, “Gov. DeWine continues to have callous disregard for the fact that his isolation policies have led to a shockingly high number of suicides, alarming rates of drug abuse, persistently high unemployment, and the forced abandonment of the elderly by their loved ones.” Not like Ohio didn’t have a an “alarming rates of drug abuse” pre-pandemic.

On Monday afternoon, the state reported that 5,060 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 in Ohio. This includes 1,180 people in intensive care units and 682 on ventilators. The new record comes as the state added 357 new virus cases Monday, more than the three-week average of 296 new hospitalizations reported per day.

Granted, COVID-19 cases are up and surging all across the USA but now is not the time for MAGAt games.

Governor DeWine’s response to the latest MAGAt games:

DeWine said he wished people who question the severity of the pandemic would listen to the nurses and health care professionals who say conditions are getting worse at their hospitals and to families who didn’t take the virus seriously and have lost loved ones during the pandemic.

“At some point, this foolishness has got to stop,” DeWine said. “I’m not talking about most Ohioans – just a small number of people who for whatever reason just continue to think and act this is some big joke and this is all some fantasy.”

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