Christian Pastor: When God Allows Trump to Overturn the Election, Atheists Will Convert to Christianity!


During a recent live video filmed in his car, pro-Trump pastor Todd Coconato said that if Christians pray hard enough, President Trump will achieve his goal of overturning the 2020 election’s results — and when that finally does happen, atheists will be so amazed that they’ll have no choice but to acknowledge that God exists.

“I do believe we’re going to see God move on our behalf,” Coconato said.

“I believe it’s going to be such a miracle, sign, and wonder as this takes place that the people that… even the godless, even the atheists, are going to look and say, ‘Wow, look at the God that they serve! Look at the God that they serve,’” he continued. “Because people are going to say it was impossible. They’re going to say there was no way. They’re going to say, you know, absolutely not, it’ll never happen. And then what God does when He moves, they’re going to see and look and say, ‘Wow.’ And I believe it’s going to bring people to salvation.”


Watch the video of Pastor Coconato, also know as Pastor Coconuto below:

Bonus, watch Paula White and a cast of thousands in the video “When Prophesy FAILS!”, submitted by forkless.

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