Giuliani’s Star Fraud Witness Gets the Shush Treatment in Michigan Hearing

Rudy Giuliani and his band of merry fraud witnesses made its way to a Michigan hearing on Wednesday night and urged lawmakers there to not let “them” get away with stealing the election from Trump.

One of Rudy’s star witnesses, Mellissa Karen Qaron Carone, who was a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems at the TCF Center, said she saw thousands of instances of ballots being run through tabulators multiple times. A Wayne County judge had previously ruled Carone’s testimony not credible, and election officials said she didn’t understand what they were seeing at the TCF Center in Detroit. Carone sparred with Republican Steve Johnson.

Democratic Rep. Darrin Camilleri attempted to swear-in Giuliani before the committee appearance, but Republicans overruled the attempt.

Rudy went on to describe Michigan’s election as crooked, citing a “dump” of ballots in Detroit the morning after the election, suggesting you don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes to figure it out.

“At the end of the day, the main issue is this committee is trying to legitimize the conspiracy theories that we’re hearing from Giuliani and the Trump campaign that have been disproven time and time again,” Camilleri said of the Republican-controlled panel.

Republican State Rep. Aaron Miller had words for Giuliani after his closing statements that called on state legislators to overturn the results.

“I’m happy to thoughtfully listen to evidence and claims and that was what today was supposed to be about, but Mr. Giuliani’s final statement waded into the realm of insanity,” Miller said. “He made wild and broad partisan insults for several minutes that had nothing to do with the election, and it was frankly unacceptable, shameful, and pathetic and distracts from any evidence that we might hear. I’m utterly embarrassed.”

From the Detroit News.