It’s 5:00 Somewhere

So, hey, it’s Friday again! And it’s 5:00 somewhere, and I think we should be there or be square!

Can I interest you in a big frothy can of Big Gretch Beer? Really.

Just like Gretchen Whitmer, lots of us take our beer as seriously as we take COVID-19, because making beer is a science, no?

That poor woman has sure taken a lot of grief.

As it turns out, a local author was recently uncovered who wrote an eerily similar story that pre-dated the kidnapping plot on Big Gretch.

A book titled “The Great American Cheese War,” by a Michigan author named Paul Flower, was supposed to be a fictional book, a satire in fact. When you hear the plot, you will think that fact can be even stranger than satirical fiction.

“This book is about the Michigan governor getting caught up in a conspiracy involving a virus, the Michigan militia, and Wisconsin,” Flower said.

“The serious issues that are underneath the humor are gun culture, second amendment debate, and this notion that we don’t know what’s true anymore. We have conspiracy theories that are floating everywhere,” says Flower.

If you’re interested, here’s the background on this funny (and not funny?) fictional (not fictional?) story, in an interview with Mitch Albom.

Enjoy your weekend! Enjoy your Happy Hour!