Last Call: December 5, 2020-Locked down again

Goooood evening, News Viewers! Forty-six days until the Missing in Action, Orange Buffoon is gone! But something smells a bit fishy. What is the Orange Buffoon trying to do on his way out the door? It’s not like we have any control over it, but it would be nice if Congress got involved or whistleblowers from the Pentagon came forward. Either way, Trump will get us all killed.

She tried to warn us!

Speaking of the Holidays and Holiday Cheer, my state begins various forms/stages of lockdown again with even tighter restrictions to follow if our ICU bed capacity falls below 15%. Regardless, our hospitals are just maxed out pretty much and it’s gotten scary.

So, to pass the time away, I’ve gotten into ‘bread art.’ Yeah, I make my usual focaccia bread but it becomes a canvas, of sorts, to put all these ‘flowers’, leaves, and whatever on it because I’m really that bored. Actually, I had fun and it seems like everyone liked it because there’s only half a loaf left. Focaccia bread makes the best panini and with a ton of stuff on it, all the better!

Next up, Christmas cookies, time consuming/labor intensive types of cookies because I’m really that bored. I mean, I make a ton of cookies every year but with the help from others. We would make a day of cookie baking but, that’s so 2019. We don’t get to do that this year, sadly enough.

And courtesy of my mother:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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