Michigan Pastor Tells Church Members to Get COVID-19 and ‘Get it Over With’!


HOLLAND, Mich. (WWMT) — As Michigan has seen a record number of COVID-19 cases, a western Michigan pastor urged his church’s members to “get it over with” and get the virus.

“COVID, it’s all good. Several people have had COVID, none have died yet,” Spencer said in an aside after he started coughing while delivering the sermon.

The pastor defended his remarks and attributes them to his belief in herd immunity, which where a virus can’t spread because people have already gotten infected, and built up an immunity.


The pastor had COVID-19 and has recovered. He says he has no residual affects. He has no medical expertise.

Yesterday Michigan had 9425 new COVID cases, and 83 new COVID deaths. They have a total of 420,268 cases and 10,118 total deaths.

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