Wyoming health department official claims the ‘so-called pandemic’ is a communist plot

 A Wyoming Department of Health official involved in the state’s response to the coronavirus questioned the legitimacy of the pandemic and described a forthcoming vaccine as a biological weapon at a recent event.

The “so-called pandemic” and efforts to develop a vaccine are plots by Russia and China to spread communism worldwide, department readiness and countermeasures manager Igor Shepherd said at the Nov. 10 event held by the group Keep Colorado Free and Open.

“It’s kind of (a) strange and questionable situation about (the) covid pandemic,” Shepherd said, calling the current global crisis a “so-called pandemic,” that had been invented by Russia and China as a tool to spread communism across the globe.

Dr. Igor Shepherd, who was introduced at the event as a health department employee, went on to share a debunked conspiracy theory about the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine, saying it had been developed as a biological weapon and would reprogram a person’s immune system.

Health experts around the globe have disproved the claim Shepherd referred to.

The Wyoming Department of Health has declined to comment on the situation.

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