‘MyPillow Guy’ Wigs Out At Trump Rally

Says ‘People Will Go To Prison’ For Georgia Vote!


“We have to get this governor … Brian Kemp has to give an order to have a Congress meeting, whatever they do, their legislators, and pull Georgia down and don’t give it to Biden,” Mike Lindell shouted. “It doesn’t matter who they give it to; don’t give it to Biden and find out all your corruption.” 

He added: “If you pull down Georgia, Pennsylvania and crooked Nevada, now nobody has 270 [electoral] votes, and on December 14 it goes to the [Electoral College] vote and Donald Trump wins the election!”

Lindell is no stranger to tall tales, however. The bedding company CEO earlier this year urged Trump to take unproven plant extract oleandrin for COVID-19, insisting it’s “100% effective.” There’s absolutely no public data that oleandrin, an extract from the toxic oleander plant, has ever been tested in humans or animals against COVID-19. Lindell is an investor in a company that manufactures what some have referred to as the “snake oil.”

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Lindell is a recovering crack cocaine addict turned Christian.

As always, refrain from quoting scripture and/or proselytizing. 

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