Fact checking Trump’s falsehood-filled Supreme Court brief

President Donald Trump filed a brief at the Supreme Court on Wednesday that featured some of the same false and misleading claims Trump has been making on Twitter.

The brief says;

  • President Trump prevailed on nearly every historical indicia of success in presidential elections.
  • In Michigan, the Secretary of State illegally flooded the state with absentee ballot applications mailed to every registered voter
  • Alleged that “Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State issued guidance purporting to suspend the signature verification requirements
  • That in Wisconsin, the largest cities all deployed hundreds of unmanned, unsecured absentee ballot drop boxes
  • Claims that the policies of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania created a greater prospect of fraud.
  • Noted that Pompeo had cited the “prohibition of local independent observers at polling stations” as a factor demonstrating that the election there was “not free and fair.”
  • Trump: “He won 18 of the country’s 19 so-called ‘bellwether’ counties—counties whose vote, historically, almost always goes for the candidate who wins the election.”

Fact checking Trump’s falsehood-filled Supreme Court brief (msn.com)

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