GUNZ! Walmart shopper brandishes handgun when asked to wear mask

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – Like almost all retailers, Walmart has a face mask policy. At the Peachtree City location, it’s on a big banner at the front door.

Officers said the Walmart greeter asked Johnny Bailes, 60, to put a mask on. Investigators said  Bailes made a comment to the greeter,  lifted up his T-shirt to reveal a gun and continued to walk inside. 

On surveillance video, police said Bailes can be seen entering the store. The exchange with the greeter is brief and the gesture to show the gun is barely captured by the camera. Witnesses told police they saw the gun and heard the threatening comment that went with it.

Fox5 Atlanta

◾️ Bailes was charged with making terroristic threats and acts which is a felony.

◾️ Police have not determined if Bailes has a concealed weapon permit. 

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