It’s 5:00 Somewhere

To Christmas or not to Christmas, that is the question.

I am not in the mood, that is for certain. I’m not in the mood to decorate, shop, or bake.

I have a tree up. I have my usual minimal outdoor decorations — a wreath on the door, some swags on the garage lights, a lighted basket with colorful picks on the porch, and a red flood light that probably looks half-Christmas-y, half-brothel-y. And the peach tree gets wrapped with golden lights. And so far, no snow (that is supposed to change tomorrow).

Still I feel like Charlie Brown. Or the Grinch. It’s a toss up, and does it matter? Nope.

Don’t hate me, I went to Hobby Lobby today. I needed wired ribbon for the tree, and they always have a bountiful supply of ribbon and other Christmas trinkets. It was jaw-dropping how empty the store was, of both customers and merchandise. I’m pretty sure that the made-in-China boatload of ChristmasCrap never docked at the Hobby Lobby warehouse this year. Thanks, 2020!

Even when forcing myself to enter the Christmas zone in search of Christmas spirit, I was shut out as there was no Christmas spirit even at Hobby Lobby!

So indeed, Christmas will be coming without ribbons. It will be coming without tags, boxes or bags. And it definitely won’t be coming from a store.

Where is the Christmas Spirit?? I have an idea……

Perhaps Christmas means a little bit more?

Boozy Grinch Punch

1 Packet Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid

4 C. water + 4 C. ice

3 C. lemon-lime soda

2 C. pineapple juice

2 C. vodka

1 C. ginger ale

Rim the edge of glasses with lime, then red sugar

Happy Friday, Happy 5:00! Does anyone else have Christmas spirit/spirits?? Do share!