Wing Nut Watch: VA Republican gubernatorial candidate suggests Trump declare Martial Law

State Sen. Amanda F. Chase, a brash Republican gubernatorial contender who bills herself as “Trump in heels,” called on President Trump on Tuesday to declare martial law to prevent his removal from office.

One day after the electoral college formally confirmed former vice president Joe Biden’s victory over Trump, Chase (Chesterfield) doubled down on baseless allegations of election fraud in an early-morning Facebook post.

In an interview Tuesday, Chase said she was holding out hope that Trump somehow would be declared the winner when the electoral college ballots are formally counted during a joint session of Congress on Jan. 6. Barring that extremely unlikely turn of events, she thinks martial law is in order.

“We are hopeful that on January the sixth, that the election fraud issue will be addressed,” she said. “Martial law comes in if none of these options work. General Flynn is the one who first talked about it in his interview right after he was pardoned. . . . He recommended that President Trump implement martial law to go and seize these machines and voting equipment to find the voter fraud. There needs to be a national audit.”

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