COVID 19 UPDATES: 12 / 16 / 2020

As experts warn of Christmas and New Years holiday travel and gathering causing the pandemic to get even worse, CALIFORNIA PREPARES FOR AN ONSLAUGHT OF DEATH, stockpiling body bags and readying 60 freezer trucks for temporary morgue duty.  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA’S ICU CAPACITY IS DOWN TO 1.7%, and the state overall only has 5.7% of ICU beds open.  Soon the Los Angeles area may be experiencing the kind of mass death that New York City had early in the year.

WORLDOMETER stats for yesterday:

  • +201,552 new cases
  • In the last week, +1.518 million cases
  • +3,001 new deaths
  • In the last week, +17,717 deaths


  • America’s 7 day average positive rate is 11.1%
  • 3 states + DC have a positive rate of 5% or less
  • 28 states have a positive rate of 10% or higher
  • 8 states have a positive rate of 20% or higher
  • The highest concentrations of new cases are in Tennessee, Rhode Island, and Idaho


  • Hospitalizations:  112,816 (new record)
  • In ICU Ward:  21,897 (new record)
  • On Ventilator:  7,702 (4 less than Monday’ record)

Data compiled by, snake.