Racist and Misogynistic Tucker Carlson Calls Jill Biden ‘Illiterate,’ ‘Not Very Bright’ and Says She ‘Can’t Think Clearly’

Spoiler Alert, FTucker: A good portion of your viewers are semi-illiterate, not very bright MAGAts.

Tucker Carlson repeatedly insulted and mocked Jill Biden on Wednesday night, calling the next First Lady “borderline illiterate” and “not very bright” as he talked about her doctoral dissertation.

After a lengthy intro reminding viewers Biden is not a medical doctor, Carlson said she “has an education degree from some school in Delaware, and you’re supposed to find that highly impressive.”

He told viewers he read her dissertation and went through it as he repeatedly and eagerly insulted Biden:


Biden’s use of the title “Dr.” has stirred attention since a Wall Street Journal column asked her to stop using it because she is not a medical doctor. Former first lady Michelle Obama and others have sprung to her defense, suggesting the article was sexist.

Carlson, who snidely compared Biden to “Dr. Pepper” and “Dr. Bill Cosby” earlier this week, tore apart the 2006 academic paper that presumably earned her a doctorate in education from University of Delaware. 


The whole segment begins at 15:05:


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