Florida Woman Throws Dog off 2nd Floor Daytona Beach Motel Balcony

Allison Murphy and Miracle

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Volusia County deputies say Allison Murphy threatened to jump off the second floor of the Motel 6 on West International Speedway Boulevard Monday afternoon. When authorities arrived, staff explained she had attacked a maid and was seen standing over the railing, according to the sheriff’s office. As deputies went to confront Murphy in front of her room, she rushed out, disregarded law enforcement and threw her dog over the railing instead, according to deputy body camera video.

The woman then ran back into her room.

The dog landed on it’s feet and was grabbed by Jose Carnot, who was there with his food truck, before the scared dog made it to the highway.

The dog named “Miracle” by Animal Services is in good condition, other than having an unexplained sewing needle in her hip.

 Volusia County Animal Services said Miracle is with a foster family that would adopt her.

Allison Murphy is now being held in the Volusia County Jail facing charges of animal cruelty and resisting officer arrest with violence. She refused to see a judge during her first appearance. The judge has since ordered her to be held without bond until she has a mental evaluation.

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