It’s 5:00 Somewhere

Did anyone else just figure out that Christmas is a week from today? That was me last night. So today has been spent in the kitchen making treats for the lucky handful who will be getting some goodies — easy on the baking, just some melting chocolate for assorted dipped delicacies.

I broke down and turned on the stereo with my Spotify Christmas playlist, trying to find some spirit and came up with a few forgotten gems to add. The song above is one that gets me right in the jingles! Last week I had a case of wine delivered to the front door, so tonight I’ll be picking out something new — I ordered a couple of new sparkling wines I haven’t tried.

But before Christmas arrives, don’t forget to celebrate the Winter Solstice on Monday at 5:02amET. While it sadly denotes the official start of winter, I’ll gladly go with the glass half-full version and celebrate our lives becoming more filled with daylight! Hurry up, Spring!

Also on Monday the 21st, you can observe the “Christmas Star” — the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn so closely aligned that they are likely to look joined together to the naked eye. Assuming you have clear skies, look to the southwest about an hour after sunset, starting around 5:00-5:15pmET. Don’t dawdle, they both will set soon afterward around 6:45pmET. The two planets are to remain close together through Christmas Day.

Sounds like a lovely time for a cocktail, does it not? Cheers and enjoy the last days until Christmas!