Trump PAC ‘Save America’ collects piles of cash for GA runoff, available records show it hasn’t gone to candidates

The PAC has not placed any television or radio buys in the race, according to media research company CMAG’s analysis of ad-buy records, and it has not reported making any independent expenditures in support of Republican Sens. David Perdue or Kelly Loeffler, as required by the Federal Election Commission rules. []

The full extent of the committee’s fundraising and spending has yet to be disclosed, so it’s unclear if any of the funds have been used to support Trump’s recent political travels to Georgia or if the PAC has made any direct contribution to the campaigns. But even if it has, the maximum contribution a PAC can make is $5,000 — which would appear to be a small fraction of the money coming in.

ABC News

Since November 3, Trump has collected roughly $250 million dollars.

More than $60 million of that sum has gone to [his] new political action committee, according to people familiar with the matter, which Trump will control after he leaves office. Those funds, which far exceed what previous outgoing presidents had at their disposal, provide him with tremendous flexibility for his post-presidential ambitions: He could use the money to quell rebel factions within the party, reward loyalists, fund his travels and rallies, hire staff, pay legal bills and even lay the groundwork for a far-from-certain 2024 run. []

Trump has long acted with few inhibitions when it comes to spending other people’s money, and he has spent millions of campaign dollars on his own family businesses in the last five years. But new records show an even more intricate intermingling of Trump’s political and familial interests than was previously known.

Baltimore Sun

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