OHIO! Unarmed Black Man Fatally Shot by Columbus Police Officer Responding to Noise Complaint

When the responding officers first arrived, the man was in the garage with the door open.

The man, who was visiting someone at the home, walked toward officers with a cellphone in his left hand and his right hand not visible, according to a review by city officials of one of the responding officer’s body-worn camera footage.

One officer fired his weapon, striking the 47-year-old Black man, who later died at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital. 

“Neither officer at the scene activated their body-worn cameras until immediately after the shooting. Because of a 60-second ‘look back’ function of the cameras, the shooting itself was captured on video,” the city release states. “However, the function does not record audio during that 60-second ‘look-back’ window, so there is no audio of the communications (between the victim and the officers) immediately preceding or during the actual shooting.”  – Mayor Andrew J. Ginther

◾️ The mayor said that the city had spent $5 million on cameras and that it was unacceptable that the officers’ cameras were not turned on.

◾️ The officer was relieved of duty and  was required to turn in his Badge and gun.

◾️ The shooter is on paid leave.

◾️ It appears that first-aid was not immediately given to the wounded man.

This Week

This shooting follow another shooting earlier in the month when a Franklin County Ohio officer shot a black man carrying a bag of sandwiches. That officer was not wearing a camera.


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