California Nurses Strike Over Unsafe Staffing as COVID Hospitalizations Surge

A group of registered nurses across four California hospitals went on strike Wednesday in protest of inadequate staffing measures as COVID-19 hospitalizations surge in the state.

The strike, organized by Califonia Nurses Association/ National Nurses United (CNA/NNU), occurred at three KPC Global Hospitals– Anaheim Global, South Coast Global and Chapman Global– and Prime Hospital: West Anaheim Medical Center.

The nurses claim the hospitals have neglected to provide enough staff to ensure safe patient care, according to a December 22 press release from the union.

“We are getting slaughtered in the ER. We literally had to do a blood transfusion in the hallway,” said Rasha Tran, a registered nurse at West Anaheim Medical Center, in the release.

“Ambulances are just leaving their patients in the ER because they are waiting too long for a bed, I don’t even know how we can sustain this,” Tran continued.        submitted by pccommentary