It’s Christmas Somewhere

Somewhere it’s Christmas!

I put a pumpkin pie in the oven, the potatoes are ready to be whipped, and the spiral ham’s aroma is arousing memories of Christmases past, filled with music, noise, wrapping paper and garbage bags, family and friends over my shoulder hoping to be helpful in the quest for happy holidays and full bellies.

Not to be this year — it’s as quiet as the snow-globe visions outside my windows, Christmas is falling like a whispered secret. Where are you Christmas?

I look forward to December 25, 2021, and I make lame attempts to appreciate the simplicity this year has demanded. At least we can say we’ll never forget it, although I’d certainly appreciate that!

Cheers to Christmas, such as it is, such as it was…….I’m left with high hopes for Christmas in July! How did it go for you?