Last Call: December 26, 2020-The COVID-19 test is total child’s play

No, I have not been exposed to the virus; I just had to get tested as part of a series of tests I needed to complete before I have my second hand surgery next week. The test is not at all painful, or bad, just a bit annoying. And the horror stories we’ve heard about the COVID-19 test are just lame.

Granted, they no longer shove the swab clear up your nostril to your brain, which is just gross and painful. They just swab the inside of each nostril for ten seconds. By around the seven or eight second mark, it gets a bit annoying and you just want it over with but the test is not bad, at all.

The nurse and I had a conversation afterwards and I told her more public service announcements telling people that the test is not that bad needs to be put on blast so more people drag their lazy asses to testing sites and get tested. So, I’m doing my part: If you think you might have been exposed to the deadly Trumpvirus, go to your nearest testing site and get tested! The life you save may be your own.

But enough of that. Happy Day After the Most Boring Christmas Ever. It was safe and we kept others safe so we can enjoy their company next year but it was boring. Oh, and we’re one day closer to the Impeached for Life, failed and loser ‘president’ gets his ass out of the People’s House. That, in itself, should make us all merry, even the biggest scrooges among us.

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