No Trump at Mar-a-Lago On NYE, But Plenty of Giuliani and Vanilla Ice

Some guests paid up to $1,000 per ticket for the New Year’s Eve superspreader at Mar-a-Lago, but they at least got plenty of entertainment for their buck even without their Comrade-in-Chief.

Instead of their father, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric mingled and breathed on their maskless guests, along with other conservative celebrities like Rudy Giuliani, who wore a blue velvet tuxedo jacket.

There was Judge Jeanine “Box-wine” Pirro, some OANN personalities, the Trump women, Lara and Kimberly Giulfoyle, and Tiffany. Javanka was AWOL.

Tables were set for ten. On the menu was “Mr. Trump’s Wedge Salad,” cheese tortellini, and Wagyu beef.

Performers on stage included Vanilla Ice, Berlin, and the Beach Boys.

Newly engaged Matt Gaetz was also schmoozing, but I’m not sure if he was seen with his new fiance or not. A Happy New Year was likely had by all.