Steve Schmidt Op-Ed: ‘Shame on Them All’

January 6 Will Start Destructive ‘Civil War’ in the GOP

Steve Schmidt, Co-Founder, Lincoln Project

A”civil war” inside the Republican Party will commence on January 6, according to Steve Schmidt, a GOP strategist who co-founded the Lincoln Project.

In a lengthy thread on Twitter Sunday, Schmidt said the Republican Party will divide into “irreconcilable factions” when Congress meets on Wednesday to certify Joe Biden‘s victory in 2020 election.

A growing number of Republican lawmakers have announced their intention to oppose the Electoral College certification, backing President Donald Trump‘s ongoing effort to overturn the election result

He goes on to say, “It turns out JFK was right. The problem of trying to ride the tiger is the likelihood of winding up inside the tiger.

“The poisonous fruit from four years of collaboration and complicity with Trump’s insanity, illiberalism, and incompetence are ready for harvest. It will kill the GOP because its Pro-Democracy faction and Autocratic factions can no more exist together then could the Whig Party hold together the Abolitionist with the Slave master. It won’t happen over night, but the destination is clear.

“The Conservative party in America is dead. It may continue to bear the name “Republican” but it will be no such thing. Fascism has indeed come to America, and as was once predicted it is wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

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