Mitt Romney Harrassed By Trump Supporters on the Way to D.C.

The MAGA hordes en route to Washington included a group from Salt Lake City who targeted Mitt Romney in the airport and on the plane.

Included in those encounters was a woman who faced off with Mittens about his lack of support for Trump and the attempts to throw the election results.

The harassment didn’t end at the airport.

And it didn’t stop in Salt Lake City with Mitt Romney, as it was also happening on a flight from Texas to D.C.

These are among the Trump supporters headed to Washington, while some are plotting on conservative social media how to sneak guns into the city, where all firearms are to be registered with police.

 “Be there, will be wild!” — has become a central rallying cry. It was the top post on Tuesday morning, and anonymous commenters saw it as a call to action: “We’ve got marching orders,” the top reply said.

In a post promoted by the moderators titled “GOOD LUCK PATRIOTS, THE EYES OF THE WORLD LOOK UPON YOU NOW!!!,” posters shared tactical guides on how to avoid police blockades and D.C. gun laws, including: “If you plan on carrying concealed, don’t tell anyone you have a gun.” One commenter responded, “We The People, will not tolerate a Steal. No retreat, No Surrender. Restore to my President what you stole or reap the consequences!!!”

Washington Post

Sources from the Washington Post and Daily Beast