Colin Powell: Trump Should Just Resign

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is calling for Trump’s term to end by resignation, saying the 25th Amendment or impeachment is time-consuming.

“I want to see the president step down, and there’s enough of a government remaining and officials remaining to run it, and we have a vice president who could take over for the next 12 days,” Powell said. “But right now I think that’s important that the president step down, and if he steps down, then I think we’ll start to see all of these idiots who came out and did what they did two days ago, beginning to step down because they no longer have a leader.

“We’ve seen him do some crazy things, but let’s not start dragging out things like nuclear codes,” he said. “I was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and I can tell you for sure that if something like this ever happened and someone suddenly said we want to use a nuclear weapon, they would never get near it.”

Powell also added that he was troubled by the lack of planning by the Capitol Police that allowed rioters inside the building, and the message that sent to our global adversaries and allies.

“It was a terrible message that was sent to our adversaries, and more importantly was sent to our friends and allies,” he said. “I think it’s reparable, we can work on that and fix it because we have a new team coming in, we have a new president coming in in Joe Biden, who I’ve known for decades and I think has a better understanding of diplomacy and a better understanding of reaching out, and speaks with a normal tone and not the kind of tone the president who is about to leave office used to speak all the time.”

From NBCToday