Free Chat Friday, Week 1

Out with the old and in with the new? Uh, not so fast…. seems our downhill slide isn’t over yet. . ..

Happy Friday, News Viewers . . . ., another day closer to the Inauguration, another day closer to Trump leaving. and also, another day for awareness to dawn that we are in for a much longer 2021 than I’d hoped–I was hoping for some breathing room, but it looks like we are still in for some drama; namely in the next 12 days. . . . .

What could we be in for? I’ll just predict a few things for The Twelve Days of Trump… . . . Trump will NOT be removed from office before the 20th, the Republicans will continue dragging their feet and either desert the sinking ship or make speeches condemning the violence and noting how they never agreed with Trump anyway. (In other words, the lies will continue)

Another prediction: Trump won’t be able to orchestrate anything else in his current deflated state; but his Mob is not as predictable. Having gotten such a warm reception to the Capitol Walking Tour on January 6, the Mob, with the help of social media, can do all kinds of heinous things, planned online.

I predict that Trump’s Mob is going to prove to be Joe Biden’s misery; I predict the next 4 years, they will carry on without Trump, making mischief at a state level and keeping Trumpism alive.

Having Biden in office will not move the GOP to improve in any way; they were supposed to self-destruct yesterday, but since they’re still around, we still have to deal with the sickness they spread. I predict a reckoning in the GOP, just not as quickly as we need for the country to start functioning again. I mean, if a riot doesn’t make them introspect and realize what they have become, I don’t know what will……

What do you predict, and what’s going on in your neck of the woods? Let’s talk about it; I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty fragmented–time to start connecting the dots and acting on a new plan…. What is yours?