Rep. (R) Mo Brooks Shamed by Hometown Pastor for Role in Inciting Trump mob

“It’s time for “patriots to take names and kick ass.” – Mo Brooks


“But Brooks, maybe there will be some chance I can influence his future behavior. Maybe somebody on his staff will say, ‘Gosh, there’s a Baptist preacher who is mad at you.’ Maybe I could be a positive influence on his behavior going forward.” – Travis Collins, pastor at First Baptist Church Huntsville Alabama

“I’m not talking about the president and others who incited those things,” Collins said in an interview with “I’m speaking to Brooks because he is my personal representative. Trump will never hear I thought he was irresponsible.

“I lived in Nigeria (as a missionary) in the 1990s,” Collins said. “In 1993, I witnessed up close a failed attempt at peaceful transition to power. Two days ago, watching what unfolded in Washington D.C., I had the same kind of feelings I had back then.”

Brooks said: “I make no apology.” He then went into a rant about anti-Christian socialists, Godless dictatorial power, and the radical left’s absurd claim that he called for violence. He blames ANTFA for any violence at the capital building. He offers no proof.


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